After 6th Anniversary...

Hi guys

It's December already. The Christmas season now!!🎄 Last month, we celebrated our 6th anniversary. Many customers have come and celebrated together. Appreciate it !! Now that 6 years have passed, We have been able to survive for 6 years because of lots of support from you and our lovely customers. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!💗 It was in the blink of an eye. But, a lot of things happened. Happy events Loneliness Sad things Heartwarmingness Annoying things There were a lot of things. When you are running a restaurant. A variety of things happens. I won't write the details though There were various dramas. A variety of people came A lot of things happened I think that running a restaurant is really amazing. What I am feeling after all is that I am still immature. I mean that with my mind, mentality and spirit. I thought that I have grown a lot in the last 6 years But still not enough. Selflessness. 無我 - MUGA The word from Buddhism. ( I am not Buddhist though ^^;) It seems to be understood its importance or sublime, but I realised I had not understood it actually. I feel like I am getting understanding the preciousness now by people around me. Selflessness. Living for people, be useful for people. I decided to be like that though, There were many scenes that I was not like that without my noticing when I review near past. But I realised again that It is only the way to learn and grow up from the bitter experiences or failures. Try and error and repeat again and again and again..... So, what I can do is doing my best, challenge without afraid and repeat. I hope you keep in touch with us and watch over us with your warm heart. Anyway, after all, the most wonderful thing is that many customers say "it was delicious. Thank you! " when they leave. And also they return a lot!! That happened most with us than the negative things. I think many different dramas are going in your life as well. I wish making happy dramas with you at Cocotte💖 Thank you very much for reading all and see you next time!! Ciao👋 P.S - It was bit tough to express my feeling or mind in English. I hope you understood what I wanted to say(^_−)−☆ Best Regards Shunichi Tanabe (Chef/Owner) Cocotte Dining