Aim - Where we are going.

I was not like this. Some of my friends since we were kids told me, "What's happened? Are you OK?"

or "You have been changed." I agree. I have never talked like this or never put silly post on Facebook.   But, I need to be like this in the situation at the moment.

What do I mean?🤔

I own and run a restaurant.

I am a chef. I think I have to serve delicious food of course also I have to be a entertainers who delight customers with the service, the space and the atmosphere. I need to make customers happy as many as I can, need to make them our fan to keep our business survive.

I am not smart to act separately in private and business. So, I think I need to have a thought that throwing all of myself into my job that entertaining our customers.

That's why I have been changed. I changed myself. I was reluctant to post about myself on Facebook, but I think it would be good if my post make you feel something, make you laugh, or giving you a influence. I think it would be 100 times better than doing nothing.

However, It is not changed myself. Just my hidden part has been come up.

I think what really has been changed is that I had been thinking about myself, my benefit mainly.

But now, I am feeling to become thinking about other than me, my mind is shifting to people around me. In the spirit of altruism than selfishness.

Writing like this warns myself. It has become bit too serious here, but I work hard for you today!!

And earn a lot!!

Hey!! That's for your profit mate?!

Please do not think that way😆 

I would not spend it for me. I need minimum to support my family and our life though.

If we can earn a lot, we can get more staff to provide better service, and create employment. We can pay better our staff, can get better furniture and equipment.

Furthermore, establish another restaurant to make more people happy. I am aiming that!! You can see that hard way. But if you don't go you can't reach the goal. I can't see the goal though, I believe there is my goal somewhere ahead.

I am not strong. I can't reach the goal by myself. But I got many customers support me. I got my staff work together. I got my family support my mental.

Sometimes feeling discouraged, but reset and fight my weak mind.

Feel losing again, confront myself and beat myself. I can keep going because I am not alone.  So, I just keep going as far as I can.

Oops, It become so long again.💦 

Thank you for reading🙏

Have a wonderful day


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