Japanese-French combination might sound complicated to you,

but our food is actually quite simple.

We use some techniques and flavours from both Japanese and French cuisines, creating a beautiful harmony.

We use French cooking techniques with Japanese products or,

Japanese cooking techniques with French products.

We consider the balance and matching of their flavours,

seasonality, design, and the presentation of the dishes that we create.


We also have a selection of wines, Sake, Shochu,

Japanese beer and cocktails.

We believe that the pleasures of visiting a restaurant is having
a new or an exciting and different experience.

It could be tasting new food, a unique Sake or Shochu,

or exquisite Japanese Beer.


We would love to make a memorable experience with you,

that will hopefully be inscribed on a page of your life forever.

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SAKURA-Cherry Blossom Martini

Sakura Cherry Blossom Martini!! It is supposed to be on the menu in only spring time, but it has been very popular, so we keep it on!! 

Sakura is one of the flower representing Japan. 

We use Sakura flower liqueur , lime juice and Zubrowka that is Bison grass vodka from Poland which has very similar flavor of Sakura leaves. The cocktail has light pretty pink color like Sakura flower, lightly has Sakura aroma and flavor, slightly sweet and refreshing finish. Enjoy Japanese flavour in your drink!!