Japanese Girls' Day - also known as the Doll's Festival
is celebrated on March 3 to pray for the health and happiness of girls in Japan. 
the name of the celebration in Japan,
is marked by families displaying a set of HINA dolls in the house
and serving special food delicacies that are ceremonially beautiful and delicious.

We thought it would be nice to do something to share and enjoy the Japanese culture with you.

We have displayed the HINA dolls on the bar counter, you can see what the dolls like.
Usually, proper display has the platform for the dolls has 5-7 tiers, but we don't have it or no space.
So I displayed the top part.


To celebrate and enjoy the Japanese culture,
we made a special set menu for members
with some new dishes!
Also we give a complimentary glass of wine for the ladies who have this set menu 
to celebrate the HINA-MATSURI, health and happiness of ladies!!

To become a member for free of charge,

just need to fill out a form here.

And the menu, please click here.


Live Balmain Bug!!
If you would like to see it actual live,
please click here to see a video.