We are a small team, however, our hospitality spirits are huge in our hearts.

We always work hard to make our guests happy in their precious dinner time.

We introduce ourselves here to get closer to you when we meet you at our place.



He was born in Tokyo, Japan, where he spent a decade honing his culinary skills and techniques under the guidance of the strict master chefs at several traditional Japanese KAISEKI cuisine restaurants. 

During this period, he participated in local culinary competitions where his talent as an emerging, young chef was recognised, winning him a number of awards.


He moved to Australia in 2002, has been inspired when he met great chefs and products that he has never seen before. And He started to consider the combination of his Japanese cuisine background, modern Australian and European cuisine.

The end result is Cocotte - a fusion of authentic Japanese and French cuisines, where the focus is on the purity of the natural ingredients. 




He is from Singapore and has many experience as a chef that include internatinal hotel executive chef, catering business director, teacher, etc. 

He has been woking Cocotte for few years, and helping us a lot.