March 19, 2020

Negative atmosphere is around. 

We worry about our future
our business,
our income,
our family,
our life....
But you never know what will happen tomorrow
or in near future. 
We didn't know the coronavirus brings such
a situation before. 
So I say to mysel...

Good Morning!! 
I was gonna get table covers for 
outdoor tables though,
I bought boards for table tops😅

I have been concerning some our tables got sticky when gets warmer season.
I guess the varnish on the tables got degraded.  

I have been thinking to get new ta...

【The reason why we have this event...】

Good Morning!!
It's Shun from Cocotte again!
We have a Japanese Food Fest this Sunday!
It's quick to come!!

Would you like to know the reason and purpose
why we have this event?

I always think about something interesting or new...

December 10, 2017

Hi guys 

It's December already. 
The Christmas season now!!🎄

Last month, we celebrated our 6th anniversary.
Many customers have come and celebrated together.
Appreciate it !!

Now that 6 years have passed,

We have been able to survive for 6 years
because of lots...