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The journey began with a dream.

In my early year as a young chef, my dream was to have a restaurant of my own. And that dream became a reality in year 2011, with the help of my great friends, my supportive wife, and my children.  

I was brought to this ordinary-looking vacant office’s space by a property agent. As I walked thought the door to the courtyard, I was immediately welcomed with a bright open space surrounded by lush plants and palm trees. I knew this would be the perfect place for me and for my guests. As it was left vacant for a while, a much needed refurbish work is required to make this place look better. A group of my very supportive friends and family came together with only one vision in mind - to give this place a good facelift, by ourselves. Little by little, with very minimal tools and equipment that we had, we managed to transform this space into what we see today – Cocotte Dining.

I am forever thankful for their kindness and generosity for being part of Cocotte’s journey.


Over the years, we thrive to serve our guests better. Myself along with my team of chefs are constantly learning different techniques and sharing our ideas to present our guests with different cuisine experience possible. Mother nature provides us with the best ingredients at the right season and time. That is why, it has always been my source of inspirations in creating my dishes while respecting the ingredients the best possible way.
Without doubt, it has been a challenging years for us. We need to be adaptable and change ourselves to overcome the challenges. One thing will remain is our warm hospitality, which is inspired by the Japanese concept of – Ichigo-ichie, it translates as each encounter only once in your lifetime. Each time you walk through our door, we hope your experience with us is unique and a pleasant one.
‘Hello’, and ‘Welcome back’!