~​ Unique Harmonised Japanese and French cuisine ~

Little happiness to your life. That is our pleasure.



COCOTTE DINING is the creation of

Japanese-born chef, Shunichi Tanabe 
who with
his wife and their children have

made the Gold Coast

their home for many years.


They have been living in Gold Coast for
15 years,
and opened this restaurant

in late 2011.

COCOTTE [koh-kots] the name of us has various meanings. One of them is a casserole and also means a small fireproof dish
in which individual portions
of food
are cooked and served.

We provide a Unique harmonised Japanese and French cuisine that has been created
by an idea from Shunichi's experience in Australia who used to work 
​in only Japanese restaurants in Japan.


When he moved in Australia, he were impressed the multinational food culture.

He worked some modern Australian restaurants and

had seen and cooked different style cuisines.

He had studied to create his own style during the period that was for more than a decade. 

Therefore, we are here as a 
Japanese and French cuisine restaurant. 


Our motto is "providing little happiness, pleasure and enjoyment in your life."

We hope to add just a little extra happiness
to your 
life and that could be a vitality for
your life.

We hope you enjoy our food and service.

You are always welcome and we look forward to seeing your smile.




Thank you very much for visiting our website.

I am Shunichi Tanabe, 

Chef/Owner of Cocotte Dining in Robina, Gold Coast.


We have been here for 5 years with

many local people's support.

We provide fine Japanese French cuisine with

a relaxed atmosphere and friendly warm service.


I have been a chef for 25 years, 

trained in several Japanese KAISEKI cuisine

restaurants in Tokyo,

and Modern Australian cuisine

in fine dining restaurants in Australia.

​The name, COCOTTE[koh-kots] is a French word,

that has a few meanings.

One of them is Casserole, which is our logo too.

The reason why I chose it for the restaurants name

is that I wanted to do not only Japanese cuisine

but also use my whole experience for this restaurant

to share with you.


And I of course love Japanese cuisine 

and also French one as well. 

I love cooking with casserole,

slow cooking, stew, braising, making soup etc.


And to me, casserole is more country,

home style, casual cooking

and I wanted to make this restaurant to provide 

good food with warm casual atmosphere. 

I thought COCOTTE (casserole) suits our style. 


​Our style is a unique combination of

Japanese and French cozy bistro styles,

aiming to provide fine original food that

you would not find any in other places.

Our warm and friendly service from all of our staff, 

because we are a small restaurant,

we like to value teamwork whether

it's in the kitchen or out the front.


We are proud to provide fine food and service,

and promise you will enjoy your time with us.



Shunichi Tanabe (Chef/Owner)